We are proud to team up with the mighty Raggattack, selector, producer and Record label manager (Raggattack / Roots Liberator) based in Girona, Spain. As international producer Raggattack has worked with artist like:Echo Minott, Frankie Paul, Horace Martin, Everton Chambers, Carl Meeks, Mikey Melody, Trevor Junior or Pupa Jim, to name some of them, the list is really huge.

Level The vibes riddim is a re-work of the classic D’Nation tune “Level de vibes” released as a 12” vinyl in 1989 on Kingjam label, London.

This Ep is formed by 4 tracks, 2 vocal cuts with the veteran Spanish singjay Supa Bassie “Dead and Buried” and the French dj Tonto Addi “love at the first sight”. Dub Troubles provides the dubs for the vocal cuts, “Dub and Buried” and “Love at the first dub” in a classic 80’s digidub style making this work sound warm and round.


London, UK, 2016.

Produce by Raggattack.

Lyrics; Supa Bassie / Tonto Addi.

Mixed and mastered by Dub Troubles.

Lightning Studio, London, Uk.



Striking back from Russia, the stylish voice of Tenor Youthman kills the dance area within a mighty 80’s style dancehall rhythm produced by George Palmer in a teamwork of Danny Trees at the drums.
“Oscar Dub” is a delightful fresh B side dub version by Dub Troubles.

Available since 22nd February 2016 at main digital stores (itunes, spotify, googleplay, etc….).

London, UK, 2016.


releases February 22, 2016

Produce by George Palmer.
Drums by Danny Trees.
Mixed and mastered by Dub Troubles.
Lightning Studio, London, Uk.



Fat Bird Recordings presents Red Eyes;
In appreciation to all the listeners, selectors, sound systems and promoters who has show love and support to Fat Bird Recordings along this 2015 we have a very special fresh tune to give away and say thanks.

Red Eyes is a free download single compound for a vocal and a dub version from the upcoming Jacob Greene ­ The Greene Ep which will be release through February of 2016.

Red Eyes is an original riddim produced by George palmer with syd chely on the guitar, dubbed by Dub Troubles and ridden by Jacob Greene in a psychoactive Rub a Dub style. Red Eyes is an ode to the mighty plant a sweet tune that can be enjoy at home or in a sound system where not only the plant will beat your chest, the powerful bass line and an hypnotic dub will transport you to another dimension.


released December 24, 2015

Lyrics; Jacob Greene
Produced by George Palmer
Guitar by Syd Chely
Dubbed, mixed & mastered by Dub Troubles
Art by Dub Troubles



Babylon Fallen
With the arrival of autumn and the falling leaves, what could be better than a new rhythm from Fat Bird Recordings by Dub Troubles. A new Ep in a digital fashion style, conceived by George Palmer and Tenor Youthman on the vocals, plus two dub versions (Fallen Rhythm) on which Dub Troubles delivers a new original heavy bass driven instrumentals, shaping a four track EP.

The man called George Palmer sings for the Babylon Fallen, in his wicked and killer manner.
Ourselves have fallen in love with the Tenor Youthman’s version (Fall in Love), ra-ta-ta!.

Release date: 12th, Oct. 2015 – Available from main digital stores and streaming services.

Produce mixed and mastered by Dub Troubles.
Guitar by Rebel Steppa.
*Tenor Youthman
*George Palmer
Lightning Studio, London, Uk.



Dub Troubles meets Tenor Youthman and Jah Rave who ride over the classic Tempo rhythm!

In his raw style, B track is a heavyweight Tempo remix from Antxon Sagardui Boss at Crudo Bilbao Sound Label.



We are happy to delivery a new fresh free download on Fat Bird Recordings; “KILLIN” is a digital single in which one we team up with the Great producer Bass Defender, half of Crudo Bilbao Label from Basque Country & Mr George Palmer, showing his finest style on the mic. At the control room; Dub Troubles mix and master this killer tune ready to rock the dancehall.

Releases date 24Th of August 2015

Bass Defender

Crudo bilbao



George’s box is opened again. A unique 6 tracks digital EP is taking over this time, a cult to the mid 80’s Jamaican dancehall business and British dub scene .

George Palmer and Kobo (at the mic) join forces together once again with one crucial mission: Release three explosive anthems plus their correspondent dub versions by Dub Troubles from the mixing desk at Lightning studio who molds the idoneous shape for the sound system’s enjoy of this musical reference.

Ruff ’n’ Tuff – In a killer link-up, the two main DJs at the label sing over a UK digital baseline, conform a very powerful song, and it’s mesmerizing dub version.



Every Ting Gwaan Electronical – The song talks about our current society, whose strong dependency on technology borders our real-world relationships. In the flip side, Every Ting Dub Electronical a subtle dubbed transcription of the chip nightmare told on the main side.

Soundboy Graveyard – Wicked ones, there is sound bomb coming in your way!. The lyrics of Kobo and Palmer, in a soundclash style, are ammunition to beat undead to the ground, like a spell cast. Gravedub – is a minted and carefully made dub version. Gwan, spooky !

Releases date 20Th of july 2015



¡Hold your horses, soundboy!

Fat Bird Recordings International presents Troubles EP, a heavyweight rhythm, with a strong bass character and Casiotone styled in 3 cuts with proper analog dub versions. Produced, mixed and mastered by Dub Troubles at Lightning studio Brixton, and starred by international artists: Selvie Wonder, George Palmer  and Kobo Jah.

– First track is the one which names the rhythm: Troubles. George Palmer mashes it down with his lively style, and talks about tribulations, caused by babylonian vampires, awakening the consciousness of the youth. First track dub version is ‘No Troubles in Dub’.



– Second vocal cut, ‘Sound Guy’, is an anthem where Kobo sings about current sound system scene, in a ragga wicked style, describing the supposedly reggae believers established up in sound business, and how the environment pays off back when their wolf fur is undercovered. ‘Killa Sound Dub’ is the dubbed version.

– ‘Chants of Psalms’ is the third track. A struggle for victory within the system hymn, by Jamaican Selvie Wonder with his original 90’s Dj style, enforcing to the wicked men to flee away. The dub version is ‘Troubles Riddim Dub’, a strong elaborated dubbed chemistry, from the producer.

Releases date 4Th of may 2015



George’s Box Feel The Vibes is the second release on Fat Bird Recordings, it’s a George Palmer production based on the riddim of Prince Alla (She Gone from 1985 on BTR) voiced by him-self  with a fresh lyrics. Feel the Vibes is a mixture made of digital dancehall, with an hypnotic bass line baked with modern synth artifacts and spiced up with the lyrics about the posse skanking the dancefloor, inquiring the listener to feel in the vibration out of the song.
B side is: Feel The Dub, a deadly dubbed A side deconstruction cooked by Dub Troubles using a nice settlement of classic dub resources without giving up modern studio techniques, resulting on an authentic sound gem.

Release date: 16 of march of 2015



Our first release is an EP with three cuts produced, mixed and mastered by Dub Troubles, based on the classic of Osbourne’s ‘King Tubby’ Ruddock digital Tempo rhythm originally released by Firehouse Records in 1985. Dub Troubles’ Tempo Riddim is a tribute, a version with a heavy skank digital and synth production mixed in through the old analog dub way.

The first cut, Gunshot, has been voiced and written by George Palmer being accurate and loyal to the old school RubaDub style. Deep lyrics refusing violence and war tribulations are majestically linked with a powerful and absorbing Tempo version.


Second cut (Rubadub A Weh We Need) is starred by Kobo. This tune is a demonstration of his proficient Dj style. Even an experienced listener could have a tough time distinguishing this one from the 80’s if it was not for the bassy bass line. Foundational Patois lyrics about dancehall scene, hustlers and culture wrapped inside the Tempo version.

Third cut is the dub version, creativeness and clairvoyance at the controls are set together here resulting in a delightful and enjoyable dub trip.

Releases date February 2015